Feeling ugly and fat? This is dedicated to you, girls!

I am writing this for her who just doesn’t love her body. We always feel a constant need to look good for him, otherwise he’s never going to look at you. I read these posts and articles which says that weight is just a number, our bodies don’t define who we are. Honestly, it’s not that easy after all. After self-hating our body for a long time, it’s not easy to look at our body in a positive way. We will always regret eating those burgers and double cheese pizza with extra cheese! There’s nothing we can do about it, watching inspirational videos are solutions for a short run. So what now? Should we keep waiting for our Prince Charming, he who will love us for our flaws and imperfections, the answer is NO! We don’t need a man to feel good about ourselves. It’s time we let go of our anxiety and convert our hate to positive energy. Yes, ladies! It’s time for self care. I realized that the more I take care of myself, the more protective I feel about myself, I let go of people, who don’t deserve me or have a negative impact on me. I started working out, eating healthy and drinking lots of water for myself, because that body is the reason you’re alive now to read this story. Your heart is pumping for you, imagine you’re heart stops pumping because it thinks you are way to ugly to live. If you ever feel like “no one wants me” please remember your body is there, always working its heart and soul out to keep you alive. The least thing you could do to thank your body, is to take care of yourself. Work out for yourself and your body, not for him. Wash your face and maintain a skincare, don’t cake your face with chemicals and makeup. I went for Rosewater as toner, Aloe Vera gel as moisturizer and essential oils for serum, some of them are very affordable, so give it a go. If you are struggling with acne and other skin problems, visit a dermatologist, you are not the only one going through these hardships. Maintain your mental health (a MUST!), cut off unhealthy romantic relationships and friendships. If your parents don’t understand you, open out to them and tell them how you feel, they are your parents and they love no matter what. Unfollow celebs and friends who make you feel insecure, restrict or block toxic people. Start following mental health accounts on Instagram and other social media platforms. Watch Vogue on YouTube, as some celebs actually open out about their hardships and you might be able to relate with them. Stop binge watching toxic series on Netflix or any other channels. We females of all age groups, must stand united and support each other. I really hope this article makes you feel a bit better.

I request and insist the readers to e-mail me if you want to talk about your feelings or on any mistake you find in this article, I highly appreciate if you do so. I am sorry if this article contains any controversial statements that hurt you, it is not intentional.

Thank you,

Lots of love,





A bio for you: Stay strong, always and forever. Don’t let your anxiety overwrite your feelings, your opinions and feelings matter and are valid.

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Aspen Hensick

Aspen Hensick

A bio for you: Stay strong, always and forever. Don’t let your anxiety overwrite your feelings, your opinions and feelings matter and are valid.

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